Introduction :

Nirmal Shakti Yuva Sangha (yuvashakti) is an organization founded by H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi in 1987 . The purpose of the Yuva Shakthi is the development of the personality in order to make it much more complete, so that such developed individuals will prove to be great assets to sahaja yoga and serve as shining deals for others to emulate and derive inspiration.

Members of the yuva shakti should know:

1. The complete story of the of Shri Mataji.
2. Everything about the genesis and growth of Sahaja yoga.
3. Everything that has been told by Shri Mataji about the subtle system.
4. Everything about meditation as a way of keeping oneself in balance in balance and purity.
5. Everything about the prophecies heralding the advent of Shri Mataji and Sahaja Yoga.
6. Knowledge of the great 'swayambhus' and manifestations of India .
7. Knowledge of Adi Gurus and saints.

Guidelines suggested by Shri Mataji for the Yuvashakti (in India)

The Yuva shakti is an absolutely integral part of Sahaja Yoga . The Yuva Shakti is one. Its members should not claim affiliation or special attachment to any center , city, state or country . Where ever they may go in world, they should always volunteer their services to the collective. Yuva Shakti members have to be polite and respectful to senior Sahaja Yogis . Their hallmark should be the 'Madurya' or Sweetness. Yuva Shakti should not neglect their studies in the name of Sahaja Yoga work. Self-respect and self-esteem of Yuva Shakti members has to be maintained. Nothing precludes the use of common sense.

They should also know: 

1. The heritage and great cultural traditions of India.
2. Indian classical music and ability to play at least one instrument.
3. Classical dance and drama.
4. The great historical personalities of India .
5. The social, political and economic climate and current affairs.
6. The ability to speak and understand Hindi and English
7. The ability to communicate through writing and public speaking.

Her Holiness Shri Mathaji Nirmala Devi,1987