Mantras & Hurdles


What is a mantra? It is that power of the word that expresses Spirit. A mantra is nothing but a thought which is vibrated. Any thought that is vibrated is a mantra.(Vienna, 4. September 1983 )

Your mantras are to be seen. Mantras are to be such that they should not be mechanical, just saying something mechanically. You should say it from your heart. Again, if you do not say mantras through your heart, the mantra is not siddha. Means you may go on saying one hundred times, it will have no effect. Siddha mantra is that, that you say, that it has an effect, it works. If it does not work, then your mantra has no meaning. (Diwali Puja, London, 6. November 1983)

There should be complete purity in the recitation of mantras to awaken the deities and your heart must be involved in it. (An undated Marathi letter )


1) Now if there are thoughts coming in first you have to say the first mantra, of course, and then watch inside. Also, you must say the mantra of Ganesha,

"Om Twameva Sakshat Shri Ganesha Sakshat Shri Adi Shakti Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi Namoh Namah"

will help some people, and then you should watch inside and see for yourself which is the biggest hurdle.

2) First the thought ... now for the thought you have to say the mantra Nirvichara.

Om Twameva Sakshat Shri Nirvichara Sakshat Shri Adi Shakti Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi Namoh Namah

3) Now come to the hurdle of our ego. You see the thought has stopped now no doubt, but there is still a pressure on the head. So if it is ego, you have to say:

Om Twameva Sakshat Shri Mahat Ahamkara Sakshat Shri Adi Shakti Mataji Shri Nirmala Devi Namoh Namah

Mahat means the great, Ahamkara means the ego. You say it thrice.

4. Now, even now, if you find that ego is still there, then you have to raise your left side to push it back to the right side. With your hand, one hand towards the photograph. Push the left side higher and the right side lower so that the ego and the superego get the balance. Do it seven times. Try to feel how you are feeling inside, you see.