The Use Of Elements






Sitting on the ground, hold the left hand out palm up and the right palm down on the ground. Request the Mother Earth to please cleanse you. Foot soaking may be practiced in a river, lake, or ocean. Stand in the water, and go into meditation, and respectfully request the sea to cleanse you..
Candle Treatment : sit for meditation with the left hand upwards towards the photo. Rotate the candle clock-wise circles on the left-side chakras. Use the fire element only on the left side chakras. Take great care. Look through the candle flame at Shri Mataji's photograph, first with the left eye, then with the right eye, then with both eyes.
Inhale slowly and hold your breath for a few seconds. Exhale and breath normally. Inhale slowly and hold your breath with attention on heart. Exhale and breathe normally. Tilt your head back. Look at the sky and let your gaze travel onwards without focusing. Close the eyes and raise your attention to the sky - feel its majesty. Place your attention on your breath and fell the affinity with the sky.

Ice Pack:
A quick tip for those who may be finding difficulty in maintaining a period of thoughtlessness in their meditations. Very often unbidden thoughts are the result of an over active liver. Actually the Swadisthana Chakra has difficulty looking after the liver, when a person uses his/her energy thinking to much. A 'hot' liver in Sahaja terms can be remedied by placing an ice pack or other cold pack on the liver on the right side of your body during the meditation. You will find this an amazing effective method of improving the meditation in these circumstances. But don't go to extremes. Just see if it helps.

Shoe Beating:
This is an ancient 'cleansing' technique from Islam, used by Sufis to offer negativity or evil to the Mother Earth. It entails drawing a circle on the ground with the index finger and symbolically writing into the circle, something that is of concern. Then removing ones left shoe, the circle is 'hammered' gently with the heel of the shoe.

This in no way presupposes an outcome to the problem, but is a way of surrendering it to Mother Earth, to be dealt with in the best possible way for all concerned.
(In the Bible Jesus writes in the ground with His finger when asked whether it is lawful to stone an a women caught in the act of adultery)