With the blessings of the All Mighty, the construction of Sahaja Nirmal Ashram has been successfully completed. We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all the individuals from various countries and respective collectives for extending their support for the construction of the Ashram. Special thanks goes to our brothers and sisters from Australia, India and Malaysia along with Canada, South Africa and New Zealand.We would also like to thank all the yogis in Nepal and sub centers from various parts of the country for selflessly contributing for the construction.

The Ashram

The Ashram has two floors: first floor contains a 300m2 meditation hall while the ground floor has four rooms : Office room, Store room, Kitchen and a Bed room) with an indoor and outdoor restrooms & bathrooms. Yogis visiting Nepal can always request for a stay and is available for staying in.

Ashram Area Main Meditation Room Main Meditation Room
Ashram common area Kitchen
Common Area in the ground floor Kitchen in the ground floor Entrance

The story behind the construction of the Ashram:

The construction of the Ashram was full of challenges huge challenge. The land was purchased in 2013 with the funds collected from the Nepal collective throughout the nation. Some part of the building was destroyed by the massive 2015 earthquake. The building had to be demolished in part and re-built. The political instability in the country saw the economic blockade at Nepal-India border. This resulted in unavailability of material and labour, and hugely increased the cost. Despite all the problems, the Ashram is now standing with all its grandeur.

Contact us:

To visit the Ashram or to reach us, you can message us from the above facebook page or contact :

Mr. Ajay Chaurasiya
Contact no: +977-9855023627
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