Meditation Guide

Twice a day


Actually, we cannot "do" meditation. Meditation is a state of consciousness into which we spontaneously enter as the Kundalini pierces through the Sahasrara. This is a momentous, if subtle, happening. It is the yoga, the union with the Divine and the beginning of an altogether new awareness. It is this awareness that we must now sustain. However, in our busy distracting environment, this is not always easy. Our attention ("chitta") is easily distracted and tends to return to its old, familiar habits. And when we may wonder if indeed we did touch a new awareness - or was it a dream?...It was no dream, but our attention needs to be strengthened and to settle into its new seat at Sahasrara ("crown chakra").


This can easily be achieved through the regular practice of a few simple techniques given to us by Shri Mataji. First of all, one should use to photograph of Shri Mataji to 'take vibrations'. As you will soon discover Shri Mataji's photograph emits a stream of cool, soothing vibrations which can be felt as a cool breeze on the palms of the hands and even at the top of the head.

So twice a day, morning and evening, try to benefit from these vibrations: keep the photograph in a place where you can meditate undisturbed everyday. Place a lightened candle before the picture and sit comfortably with your hands resting palm upward on your lap facing the photograph. Try to keep your attention relaxed and focused at the top of the head (at Sahasrara).