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Mooladhar Chakra

In the beginning of evolution, the first amoeba-like single cell organisms were formed. Thereafter organisms became more and more complex, with the development of multi-cellular plants and animals and ultimately humankind.

The Mooladhara Chakra is made of the earth element and represents the beginning of life. When awakened and nourished, this association with the earth element manifests as a magnetic force within the person. For instance, a person with a strong Mooladhara center has a good inner sense of direction (in more ways than one). This chakra is at the root or foundation of the subtle system, and the Mooladhara is situated below the abode of the Kundalini, at the very base of the subtle body. In Sanskrit, "moola" means root (which is the Kundalini) and "adhara" means the support—so Mooladhara translates into supporter of the Kundalini.

The fundamental quality of the chakra is innocence, which forms the basis of every righteous character. This innocence is the quality which is evident in babies and small children. It represents action without motive or desire for gross personal gain. This innocence is accompanied by the innate wisdom of a child. A baby knows fundamental aspects of nature instinctively—it knows how to show discomfort by crying or how to suck to obtain food. This root wisdom, if left undisturbed, would develop into a balanced set of priorities in the adult. Unfortunately, the influence of human society tends to muddy this innocence and so obscure the wisdom that goes with it.

By awakening the qualities of the Mooladhara through our meditations, we learn again to be more innocent beings, to be less motive-led in our actions and to make the correct decisions in our lives. Two good examples of the power of this child-like innocent wisdom are the tale The Emperor's New Clothes and the saying "out of the mouths of babes." The pure state of Mooladhara Chakra also manifests as the wisdom of the heart—that is the ability to perceive the true meaning of what people say and do (i.e. what is really in their heart). Children again naturally have this ability as they often tune in to the feelings and subtle signals communicated rather than the face value of what is said. This center contains the potential for us to become an eternal divine child who bubbles with enthusiasm, playfulness, and love.

The Mooladhara Chakra governs the excretory and reproductive organs, and as such has a direct bearing on the sexual aspects of the human being. Some seekers have attempted to awaken the Kundalini through sexual practice (also witness the tantric sexual ritual in practices such as witchcraft and voodoo around the world). This is obviously very dangerous and can cause great harm to the chakra itself. If one remembers that the Mooladhara provides the foundation for the Kundalini, then it is easy to understand how anything which is not innocent can harm it. Sex has its place in human life as the most sublime physical expression of love within the marriage.

Through the birth channel creation continues its course. However, it is something else to allow sex to dominate our lives and bring us out of balance.

After realization one learns to develop respect and proper esteem for one's own chastity and the chastity of others. This sense of right conduct is essential for the development of our own gravity and power. This power of incorruptible innocence is the foundation of all of us as human beings.

A weakened Mooladhara may show up in a number of ways: poor sense of direction, poor memory, poor sense of balance (gravity), certain "incurable" diseases, or mental problems.