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Vishuddhi Chakra

The Vishuddhi Chakra represents that time in the evolution of humanity when the need for harmony and collective living became important. It represents everything to do with the cohesive nature of the human race and the ability of human beings to rise above petty differences and strive to experience the unity of the Spirit.

One of the qualities that we need to develop for our spiritual growth is that of staying detached from the problems we face every day while trying to survive in the modern world. The flowering of the Vishuddhi Chakra provides us with a sense of detachment which lets us witness the "play" of life to survive in the modern world. As a result we can avoid being brought down by things which seem traumatic, but are in fact simply "events" which we pass through to reach the other side. This does not mean that we stop accepting responsibility for our actions or that we "give up" on life. It simply gives us a means to maintain a sense of perspective when we are faced with overwhelming emotional situations. We become a witness of the game, and can keep a distance from our involvement and thoughts, from our planning and conditionings, and from our emotions.

After realization our ability to be a witness matures, and we see all of these things as existing outside ourselves. These things, these events, are not of our Spirit, they are of the external world. In this way we strip away the layers of identity to reveal our fundamental and indivisible essence, the Spirit. Shri Mataji says that "we see our own acting, and the whole world becomes like a drama," in the same way that Shakespeare likened the whole world to a stage, and us as actors on it.

The truth is that our problems are only really solved when we can "see the forest for the trees." It is a fact that most people find that they cannot solve their own problems because they are too involved in them. That is why they seek advice from their friends (who can give a detached view of the best course of action) or in extremes from counseling agencies who may act as dispassionate witnesses. After our realization we develop this ability within ourselves, and no matter what tests we face we start to see our role in the drama and the possible solutions with that much more clarity.

The Vishuddhi Chakra also embodies those qualities which govern our relationship with other members of the human race. Our diplomacy in word and action is directly affected by the state of this center, as is our sense of respect, both for others and for ourselves. If we do not respect others, then we will not be able to practice a relationship of brotherhood and diplomacy with them, and so it is a very important chakra for our growth into a collective spiritual being.

Lack of respect for ourselves (which manifests as guilt) lodges itself deep in our left Vishuddhi if we let it, and this can be very harmful to our growth. A lot of guilt is the result of our upbringing, whether through moralistic or pious pressures. These external pressures are not us. We must learn to not cling to guilt or hide ourselves in its cloak and thereby put off the day when we must face up to our weaknesses and do something about them. The Spirit does not accumulate guilt, it is Pure. After realization we learn to face and overcome our weaknesses, and thus conquer guilt once and for all. The affirmation for the left Vishuddhi is "I am not guilty."

Our growth into a collective being is very easy to chart through our deepening awareness of vibrations. As we start to become one with the whole (as the microcosm awakens and becomes an integral part of the macrocosm) we begin to feel the direct evidence of the subtle system or our chakras and on the chakras of others. This is what is meant by the actualization of Sahaja Yoga, this actual evidence of our enlightenment which we experience on our fingertips and in our bodies. It is a fact that as we become a collectively conscious person, we can work on the spiritual systems of others simply by recording the state of their chakras on our fingers and directing our vibrations to their areas of need as required. It is rather like acquiring a new perception, a natural new sense—that of subtle vibrations. This brotherhood of humanity is the goal that seekers have been searching for over many lifetimes, and it is starting its manifestation at this point in time, not just as myth or concept, but through direct evidence.

The Vishuddhi Chakra has sixteen petals, each with different qualities and functions. On the physical side it looks after the throat, arms, face, mouth, teeth, etc. These should therefore be taken care of properly. For instance, we should protect ourselves from extremes of cold and avoid tobacco and other pollutants which can damage the throat. We should take proper care of our teeth and ensure that we respect everything we do in our communication with others. Our hands, also, can be a source of grace and beauty or coarseness if used improperly. We should therefore take care to exhibit sweetness in all our actions.