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Sahasrara Chakra
In the Sahasrara Chakra the whole instrument is integrated. Each Chakra has its place here. At the point of the Sahasrara we go beyond the relative, to the Absolute, and into the Absolute realization of Heaven on Earth. This is a country far beyond our wildest imaginings, so much more than our words can even begin to imply. This is our ultimate destination, stretching out forever. Our progress toward this goal is a living process. When a seed matures it naturally sprouts. William Blake described it perfectly: "Thou perceivest the flowers put forth their precious odours, and none can tell how so small a center comes such sweets.Forgetting that within that center eternity expands."

When the Kundalini reaches the Sahasrara, the lotus petals open and enlightenment takes place (samadhi). You may feel a powerful pulsation in the crown of the head, followed by a melting sensation and a flow of cool vibrations from the fontanel area. This is the baptism by which you know that you are truly born again.

Vibratory awareness begins at this point. As the Kundalini unites our individual consciousness to the universal consciousness, we are suddenly tuned in to the universal wavelength of vibrations. These vibrations pervade the cosmos, but before realization, while we are still in the egg form, we know nothing of them. When the Kundalini breaks the shell of the egg, we emerge into God's Kingdom, the collective unconscious. At this point we are singing the song of the unconscious, the vibrations are playing through the instrument that we have become.
As human awareness is united to the Divine, we move into the subtlest level of communication, into collective consciousness. In becoming vessels for that universal power we become one with all the other vessels. We learn to appreciate the real depth and beauty of another person in vibrations. The beauty of art and nature now manifest themselves as vibrations. Just ask the question and a positive answer comes as a flow of cool vibrations. It is conversation at its most sublime.
When our Kundalini is awakened, our eternal Spirit is enlightened and we feel vibrations. We also can awaken the Kundalini of others after our own awakening. We can give Self-Realization to others, we can cure sickness and we can share the message of Divine Love with the entire world. Lord Jesus said, "I will send you a Comforter, a Counselor and a Redeemer, The Holy Spirit, who will teach you all things."
When human consciousness tunes into the infinite, it becomes infinite. Enlightenment develops spontaneously. The sages have sung the praises of this space and have described it poetically as the union between the lover and his beloved. The Buddha called it the Void, Mahavira termed it Nirvana, the Vedas called it Moksha, and the Christ referred to it as the Kingdom of Heaven. Shri Mataji describes it thus: "The limited capacity of the brain becomes unlimited in its capacity to realize God. If you are the sun and the sunlight, if you are the moon and the moonlight, where is duality? Only when there is separation there is duality and because of that separation you feel attachment... a distance between you and yours; that's why we get attached to it. Everything is we; who is the other? When the brain has lost its identity, the so called limited brain becomes the unlimited Spirit."